The Sunday night dash

Some people call it the ‘day of rest’ but I’ve just completed what I call the ‘Sunday night dash’ (although technically it began late afternoon). It’s that time of the week where a whole load of household admin has to get done. I work full days Monday to Wednesday and while my natural instinct is to collapse in a heap in front of the TV, I’ve learnt the hard way that the start of the week generally runs more smoothly if I get ahead of the game.

So on the to do list for the last few hours has been hoovering, stripping beds, sorting washing, packing nursery bags (being sure to remember the new wipes and toothpaste requested), packing my bag and then finally looking at our online banking and wondering just how we managed to put so much on the credit card. The last point is one that’s gone on another of my lists – we must transfer the balance to an interest free one!

Anyway, I’ll keep it short and sweet as I always feel twitchy about getting a decent night’s sleep on Sundays so that I feel on the ball for work! And I won’t be held responsible for my actions if next door’s wind chimes get going in the much-hyped storm that’s due to hit tonight!

Does anyone else find Sunday nights just a little bit stressful?

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