Loitering on the list

ID-10051081My ‘to-do’ list. Where to begin? Well, as you may have gathered, the name of my blog is based on my penchant for making lots of lists… and then all too often failing to do the things on them! Actually getting this blog up and running is by far one of the biggest things I’ve recently ticked off my long-term list. You can see how long it took me in my introductory post.

However, it would be wrong to say I never get anything done from my lists. It may feel that way sometimes but generally the most pressing household admin, like paying the bills and nursery fees, making and getting to the right appointments at the right time and remembering family birthdays, gets done. And I’m a stickler for making sure the laundry basket is kept under control!

The things that loiter longer on my lists tend to fall into two categories. One is the creative ‘me’ projects that I always vow to carve out more time to do. This where starting this blog resided for many months, existing only in my head.

Another casualty was an Olympic scrapbook project. My husband is chuckling as I write this as it’s become something of a running joke in our house. Basically, last summer we were both captured by the Olympic spirit, especially as we’ve always been big athletics fans. As our daughter was born in that glorious home Olympics year, we thought it would be nice to commemorate the occasion by saving newspaper clippings and other souvenirs and making a scrapbook to show her when she’s older. Easy, right? Well, I started off with much enthusiasm but somewhere along the line, around about page eight of the scrapbook, activity ground to a halt and for the last year it has been unceremoniously stuffed in a carrier bag under our bed, waiting for someone (aka me even though it started out as a joint project) to finish it. I could blame my procrastination on the epic task of weaning, which took on huge significance around this time, followed by organising a Christening and then sorting Christmas. Either way, the scrapbook remains incomplete.

The other category of list loiterers are those things that don’t, at the present moment, seem to be immediately urgent but actually they are really important. This is where the slightly scary prospects of life insurance and making a will currently sit. I know, I know we should have sorted this as soon as our little one arrived. I suppose it’s a subject I prefer not to think about. It just seems so big. So I’ve subconsciously pushed it to one side. I take some solace in knowing I’m not the only one. It came up in conversation in a group of my new(ish) mum friends recently and half of the group were in the same boat as me. But that doesn’t excuse me.

I suppose I am just better at responding to things where there is an immediate time constraint. I used to be a journalist so I’m used to working to short deadlines. Anything beyond a few weeks into the future and my natural inclination is to put it to one side until ‘nearer the time’. The problem where life insurance is concerned is that nobody knows when that deadline will be.

So now that it’s once again been highlighted as something that needs to be an  item at the top of my ‘to-do’ list, I’ll be reading up on the advice being offered by Aviva in conjunction with Mumsnet to make sure we protect our family.

This post has been written as part of a Mumsnet blogger network competition with Aviva.

(Thanks to 89studio/FreeDigitalPhotos.net for the image)

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