When can becomes can’t

I started last week with great intentions, armed with a set of positive New Year’s resolutions and an attitude summed up by my Word of the Week linky post – Can. For the first half of the week at least, I felt I was living up to my chosen word. Work went well, evenings had been spent reading and working on the blog. I was full of ideas and positivity, everything felt upbeat and the house was ticking along nicely.

Then on Thursday things didn’t go quite as planned and it was a bit of a shock how quickly I let my mood unravel. It was all a bit silly. There were no huge, life-changing dramas. Basically I got too tired and my toddler was more demanding than usual.

I became impatient and irritable, which really wasn’t fair on Little Miss, and the whole day felt much harder than it needed to. My negative approach meant simple jobs became more difficult and time-consuming. Having that black cloud over my head did absolutely nothing to make life easier. It’s only impact was to make me feel more miserable and overwhelmed.

After a more restful weekend, time all together as a family and a bit of space, all feels well again. But I’ve written this post to remind myself that abandoning a can-do positive attitude at the first hint of very minor trouble does me no good at all. I’m certain I would have felt much better had I made more effort to relax and keep the smile on my face. As we approach a new, no doubt busy, week I will try harder to keep my face in the sunshine.


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4 thoughts on “When can becomes can’t

  1. I think we all have days or weeks like that from time to time, don’t beat yourself up too much. I hope you have a better week this week. x

  2. This is a nice post! That was me last week too, Friday hit and I had a bit of a meltdown over nothing!!! So far this week has been more positve! Hope yours has been too x

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