Notes of a new mum – my best ever list!

So, as you’ve probably gathered from my blog’s name, I’m a bit of a list maker. Well, this weekend I re-discovered what must be my all-time-favourite list, the mother-of-all lists if you will. I can’t take all the credit for this little beauty. It was written in cahoots with my sleep-deprived, first-time dad husband (in fact, he did most of the actual writing). It makes for hilarious, heart-warming and ever so slightly worrying reading!

Charlotte3 006

This list was made during the first five days after bringing our newborn daughter home from the hospital. It details her every activity. Every nappy was analysed and compared against the NCT poo colour chart we’d been given as a handout during antenatal classes. Every feed was timed and written down, along with which breast had provided the said sustenance.

For some reason, in the new baby blur, we both became convinced that when the midwife came to check in on our tiny charge she was sure to give her hapless, exhausted parents an FBI-style grilling. I’m not quite sure what we thought might happen. It was as if  we expected to be asked to sit some kind of parental exam to assess our fitness to take care of this helpless little person.

Since we were both in a sleep-deprived, emotional haze we must have decided that neither of us, not even my usually cool-as-cucumber husband, could be relied upon to provide an accurate enough account, so we’d better just write it all down, just in case.

It seems so funny reading it now, almost two years on, but back then it must have felt like a totally sensible thing to do. Another thing that had seemed entirely logical at the time was ordering another three baby care books from Amazon at 3am in the morning from my hospital bed, just hours after I’d given birth! I already had at least two at home but as the enormous weight of responsibility hit me it was all I could do to feel that little bit more in control. And I couldn’t bring myself to sleep when I had such a precious bundle lying next to me.

So here is the first 24 hours from that list, our daughter’s second day in the world… it may be a tad repetitive!

1.15am (when the list appears to begin) – Big nappy change, dark.

1.25am – Right side feed, ten minutes.

1.45am – Left side feed, 20 minutes. Unsettled until 2.40am then another feed, right side 20 mins.

3-4am – Husband settling her.

4am – Sleep on/off, 5.45 am swaddled.

6am – Unsettled.

6.15am – Big nappy change.

6.25am – Swaddled.

6.45am – Left side feed, 20 mins, then swaddled (after a few more days we realised that Little Miss actually didn’t like being swaddled, she much preferred to stretch out all her limbs and kick her feet!).

7.05am – Sleep.

9.40am – Right feed, 15 mins.

10.10am – Little bit sick – uncomfy (windy?)

12pm – Left feed, 20/25 mins

12.45pm – Right feed, 30 mins. Bit of a struggle getting into position.

1.45pm – Nappy change, dark poo. No smell, poss bit wet?

3.10pm – Midwife visit.

3.30pm – 15 mins feed each side. In-laws visit.

5.45pm – Feed, 20 mins left, 15 mins right.

6.45pm – Left feed and right (15 mins each until asleep).

7pm – Nappy change – poo bit lighter. More poo while being changed.

9pm – Left feed 10 mins.

9.30pm – Cleaned top and tail and changed wet nappy – pinkish tint, no poo.

9.50pm Right feed 15 mins, then sleep.

And so it continued. Poo became green, then yellow. We had some hiccoughs, some grunting and a few more sick spells. As the days go on, the lists get that bit shorter until we finally realised that, actually, we are doing ok and don’t need to do this.

Are we the only new parents to have done this? Did anyone else do anything similar?

And hope you like the early picture of my gorgeous Little Miss.

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9 thoughts on “Notes of a new mum – my best ever list!

  1. tamingtwins

    This made me laugh, I did this for about 6 months! In my defense, I have twins so I kept forgetting who had eaten when etc.

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I can’t quite imagine how much harder it is having newborn twins, especially if they were identical. My daughter will be two in March so those days seem so long ago now.

  2. tryingtobeorganisedmummy

    what a beautiful picture. those days are gone so quickly, its lovely that you have that list to look back on, because although its a repetitive list, it really does describe every parents first few days and weeks to a tee. I love thinking back to my babies first few weeks, the only time when they are completely dependent on you, all too soon they are discovering the world and not needing you quite so much aren’t they.

    • Thank you, I love that picture too. Yes, it is nice to look back at that list and remember the magic, mayhem and nerves of those early days.

  3. I love this haha! I can totally relate to the feeling that you’re going to get an interegation!! We didn’t help our cause by having to get a midwife how to show is how to do the first nappy change…neither of us had ever seen it be done let alone do one (no antenatal classes here!)
    Like you we attempted to keep track of all feedings, sleep times and nappy changes but quickly gave up!! X

    • Always nice to know we weren’t the only ones. It’s so daunting when you leave the hospital with total responsibility for that little person, isn’t it? Half the time we still don’t really know exactly what we’re doing! The Seychelles looks amazing, especially given it’s cold and wet here!

      • Haha half the time is on a good day too!!

        Thank you it’s beautiful here we love living here! Can be tough without family around though! X

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