300 Picture Book Challenge #5

It’s been a quieter week in terms of new books, with last week’s batch from the library remaining firm favourites that we’ve read on repeat, especially Owl Babies, Bear Hunt and, most popular of all, Hairy Maclary.

300 Picture Book Challenge Week 5 books readWe’ve added seven new titles to the list. Four of those were Dora the Explorer books that Little Miss was given as a present. These are quite good for getting your child talking and interacting with the stories, although I wasn’t that impressed that the trip to the dentist one included Dora having a filling – surely we should be teaching kids to take good care of their teeth in the first place!

By far the best new book we’ve read this week was Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae (who I found out tonight is also the creator of Purple Ronnie!). It’s a fantastic, rhyming jungle story that’s great for reading out loud, beautifully illustrated and has a lovely touching message that gives me a lump in my throat! Gerald the gangly giraffe dreads the annual Jungle Dance because, well, everybody knows giraffes can’t dance… or can they? The moral of the story is that we are all different and just need to find ‘the right music’ to show off our unique talents.

With seven new books read this week, our running total so far is now 96 books… so hopefully by next week we’ll have reached our first 100. I’m amazed at how many we’ve got through already. We’ve always read a lot but taking part in the 300 Picture Book Challenge is definitely helping to boost the variety, which can only be a good thing.

You can follow our daily reading progress here on Pinterest.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading this week.

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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7 thoughts on “300 Picture Book Challenge #5

  1. You’re powering through them! We had a flying start last month, and though we’re adding more each day, Little Man keeps wanting the same books over and over!

    • We have the same issue but have a good haul from the library for next week, if she can bear to move on! Well done on getting through your first 100 so quickly.

  2. We seem to have stepped up to ‘proper’ paperbacks now. It’s lovely but we’re having to skim read them due to the length (especially at bedtime!) and just read the pages with pictures on. How long we’ll get away with that, time will tell! ‘The Magic Finger’ and ‘Wind in the Willows’ have been firm favourites this week. In fact, when our little bear chooses a book for her book bag at pre-school, they tend to one have picture books and it seems strange already to have a picture/board book to read!

    • I’ve loved stepping up to the longer books. Makes it a bit more interesting for us parents and so much more choice at library. But Little Miss does seem to get hooked on the same bedtime stories for days/weeks at a time! I start to know them off by heart!

  3. greatbritishfamily

    I love Giles Andreae books, hairy Mclary and bear hunt too. My baby is a big fan of the In the night garden books.

    • Yes, we like In The Night Garden here as well. At one stage I must have read the Come to the Party book at least once a day! Thanks for popping by.

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