Word of the Week #7

It’s been a bit of a toss up between two words for me this week but given that the sun is shining here today, and I think we could all do with a bit of light after the awful weather of recent weeks, I’ve decided to go with:

Word of the Week Spring

On Friday, in the midst of the latest downpour, we spotted our first crocus just peeping through near our kitchen window. Its bright yellow petals were in stark contrast to the heavy grey clouds up above and we couldn’t help but smile. For us it was the first sign that spring is on its way. Then today, as we drove home from church this morning, we realised that the roadside flower beds had also burst into bloom.

February seems to be flying by at the moment – I can’t believe we’re already more than halfway through – and with the evenings already feeling much lighter, it can’t be long until much warmer days are with us again. I’m already starting to feel rejuvenated and happier just thinking about it, a bit like I’m coming out of hibernation!

For our little family spring, especially March and April, is always a very special time. The end of March sees Little Miss celebrate her birthday, followed two days later by mine (yes, she was the best ever birthday present!) and then in April we have our fifth wedding anniversary and Easter to look forward to.

So this week, I’m enjoying the first signs of spring and I really hope others are able to too. We’re very lucky that the storms have caused us very little damage, other than a couple of lost fence panels. I feel so sorry for those whose homes or livelihoods have been affected by the floods. The pictures on the television feel like another world, not little old England. Hopefully the forecasts are going to be much friendlier going forward.

As for what my other possible choice of word was, I’m saving that one for another week!

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week.

My previous words have been:

CanRelievedMidnight, HappyStickers and Proud.

The Reading Residence

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Week #7

  1. Lovely choice of word! I’ve seen snowdrops and my daffodils and tulips are coming up, so it must be on the way! Thanks for sharing and joining in with #WotW x

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