Newborn memories…

Yesterday Little Miss and I were looking at a photo album of her first few weeks – she’s fascinated by babies and loves looking at these pictures. While turning the pages we came across this photo, which at the time I don’t remember being a particular favourite but now I’m so glad to have rediscovered it.

It was taken on April 17 2012, making Little Miss just under three weeks old and I can’t actually believe how serene we look! I think the lighting might help. If you look very closely there are tell-tale dark circles under my eyes and I’m actually in my old black jogging bottoms! But that doesn’t matter, for me it’s a picture that’s filled with such love and warmth.

Newborn Little Miss

Looking at this magical picture takes me back to those very early days with Little Miss, when evenings were spent on the sofa feeding and enjoying endless cuddles. We were only just getting to know her but even then little glimpses of her wonderful personality were already coming through. It was a priceless time and one I’ll happily remember over and over again.


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22 thoughts on “Newborn memories…

  1. That is such a lovely photo, and it does look so calm. I love looking back at newborn photos, though it feels like such a world away now!

  2. awww honey what a beautiful photo to rediscover. this really is such a magical time after having a baby xx
    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    • Thank you. I don’t think I truly appreciated how lovely this photo is at the time – I tended to prefer the ones of just her, probably because I thought I looked so knackered! Sure I’ll be linking up again very soon.

  3. Beautiful memories of those scrumptious newborn days!

  4. Where would we be with out photos of times like this?

  5. beautiful picture. such lovely memories #MMWBH x

  6. What a lovely photo. Those first days with our newborns are so precious and with all of mine I look back on them fondly. I miss them being little tiny babies! Thanks so much for linking up to the #MMWBH hun x

  7. Lovely post, I’ve recently done one very similar. Its lovely to look back and amazing how quickly they change!

  8. Aww I love this photo. It’s always great to rediscover photos. at the time it may be a picture I hate because I look bad, but after a few months you see it in a different way, as a memory and it means so much more. I love looking at photo albums! #mmwbh

    • Thank you. I really need to get more of our pictures off the computer, printed and in albums. It’s been on the ‘to-list’ for ages! At the moment we’ve only done that one album covering the first month.

  9. Ahhhh what a lovely piccy. Sigh. I wish my boy was a tiny baby again. It’s made me feel all broody! xxx

    • Ah thanks. It’s amazing how hard those early days seem at the time but actually now it feels like they could well be an easier option than a toddler! Although only if your baby is a decent sleeper – we were quite lucky there.

  10. awww this is a lovely picture, its captured a really beautiful little peaceful moment! I think you will have made everyone broody sharing this pic! x

  11. Lovely photo-it’s great to look back on memories like this-time passes so quickly!

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