Officially no longer a baby

On Friday Little Miss was 23 months old and last week she spent her final few days in the baby room at nursery. Today she moves up into the two to three year old’s group. Gulp… My baby really is no longer a baby! Of course, this has been apparent for quite some time now. Over the last few months she’s become increasingly independent, wanting to do things for herself and to copy everything we do. She’s been stringing more and more words together. And, although she’s still a petite little thing, she’s finally started outgrowing the 12-18-month old clothes that fit her for so long and saved us so much money! But the change at nursery really underlines it all and it does now feel like the end of an era.

3 Baby tops in descending size order

Growing up: from her tiny baby size, to the top she first wore to nursery when she started at nine months old, to today’s big girl size!

I can’t believe how much she’s changed in the last year. When she started nursery at nine-and-a-half months old she was barely crawling. Before too long she’ll no longer be in a cot and we’ll need to buy a big girl’s bed, something I’m sure she’ll love. Hopefully she’ll stay in it! At nursery she’s already moved out of a cot and sleeps on a mattress so finger’s crossed. And we already have a potty that she’s just getting used to having around – we thought we’d ease into it very gently and let her get used to the idea of just sitting on it for now.

Thankfully Little Miss doesn’t seem at all concerned about moving on at nursery. She’ll be accompanied by one of her little friends and will be reunited with several others she’s very fond of who have already ‘graduated’ to the next class. She’s had a number of acclimatisation sessions, which have all been fine, and her new room has a big kitchen corner she loves, new ‘babies’ (dolls) and a pair of gerbils! What more could a toddler want?!

I think it’s Mummy that might need to be brave. Wish me luck!

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19 thoughts on “Officially no longer a baby

  1. Awww bless her doing so well with the change to the big girl room at nursery!!! How are you holding up mama? X

    • Ok so far although did have a very vivid dream last night about her escaping from her cot and taking all her clothes off! Neither of which she’s been anywhere near able to do yet! Drop off will be the real test!

  2. Sending you loads of good luck today and a virtual hug! They grown so quickly and all of a sudden… #MagicMoments

  3. Thank you. She was a little bit quieter at drop off but it was so nice when the other little girl who moved up with her came over straight away when she got there. All a bit emotional!

  4. Leanne Rain

    Awww they grow up sooo quick!!! #MagicMoments

  5. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Aww I love it, it’s scary how quick the time goes isn’t it? Monkey’s 21 months now and seems so grown up sometimes> He is huge for his age though! Love the pic of the different sizes of clothes, so cute!! xx #magicmoments

    • Little Miss is on the small side for her age and didn’t have much hair until she got to about 18 months, so it does really feel that she’s grown up a lot in the last few months. So strange looking at all those tiniest clothes that she once wore!

  6. The photo is so cute, what a great idea to put her tops all together. Love it. She will be big and brave I think it’s harder for us then the kids to move up a class and grow older. Buba is about to move into the next class and I can’t believe it. Time is flying by. 🙂

    • Thanks. She was fine today. A bit unsure first thing but soon settled into it and was full of giggles when we picked her up!

  7. Have another baby! Or not. It does fly by – I can’t believe my youngest is 19 months already. #MagicMoments

  8. awww my lovely i am wishing you luck!! xxx
    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  9. You’re right – our children take so many things in their stride leaving us the weepy/nervous ones! Go Little Miss Go … and good luck Mummy!

  10. Wow, won’t be long till her first day of school… :). Love the photo of the tops, great way to capture her growth! #MMWBH

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