300 Picture Books Challenge #10

This week’s crop of books has included three titles related to milestones coming up in Little Miss’s life.

Princess Polly’s Potty was bought a few weeks ago now – along with a potty, training toilet seat, step and a book on Potty Training Girls… The Easy Way for me! We’re not in an enormous hurry with toilet training but as she’s started showing much more interest and awareness of these matters we thought we may as well start to introduce the concept. At the moment she’s happy to sit on the potty and even happier to use it as a portable step to get to things that were previously out of reach! And she loves reading the book, which gives a round of applause when you press the button. Hopefully some of it is starting to sink in too!

The other more exciting milestone coming up is her second birthday at the end of the month. We’ve already been trying to teach her how to blow, with the help of the Huff and Puff book from week 8, so she can do the candles on her cake. And with cake and birthday parties in mind I also found Spot Bakes a Cake and Party Time with Littlebob and Plum in the library. It’s just under two weeks away now and I’m already feeling quite excited, having ordered her main presents today!

We’re having a small party with family, a few friends and all her little cousins, who she loves very much. There are three girls in the family born in the space of seven months, with Little Miss the youngest, and then she has another three older cousins. She really enjoys getting together with them. No doubt they will all be very busy and hectic on the day but given her favourite book this week seemed to be Too Noisy! I’m sure she won’t mind at all!

300 PBs Week 10

So with five new books added to the list, our number of different books read so far this year is now 135.

You can follow our daily reading progress on Pinterest and I’d love to hear any recommendations.

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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