Word of the Week #15

My word this week feels a little bit dull but actually sometimes humdrum is ok and is what’s needed. After a busy few weeks, life has been pretty quiet and average round our parts but I’m fine with that. So my word for this week is:

Word of the Week - Routine

Unlike many, we’re not yet at the stage where Easter half-term holidays affect us so the first half of the week was work as normal for me while Little Miss was at nursery. We’re actually planning our little Easter mini-break for the week the schools go back so we can avoid any hideously inflated prices and the crowds.

So life has just ticked on pretty much as usual this week. Little Miss continues to say more and more, and to know her own mind more and more. She has also developed a nasty cough and very runny nose, another reason we’ve not been up to too much this weekend. Our one trip out yesterday morning saw a particularly epic coughing fit which ended in a puked on car seat. So we’ve had the joys of taking that apart to wash it all out and clean the covers. Thankfully it’s only the second time it’s happened and this bout was nowhere near as unpleasant as last time! Thank you to Super Hubby for tackling the worst of the ‘pooling’ while I got away with just putting the cover in the wash. This has got to be up there as one of the more unpleasant jobs of parenthood!

We’ve also been making thank you cards for her birthday presents. We’ve used some lovely photos from her birthday weekend for these and, when she wakes up from her nap, I’m hoping Little Miss will oblige us with some little scribbles on these! Having just said that, I can hear that she has indeed already woken up from her nap. A very short nap. Much, much shorter than Mummy was anticipating. Grrrr, I blame the blasted cough! Any advice for soothing a toddler cough would be very gratefully received!

From the banging on the bars of the cot and chatting it doesn’t sound like any more sleep is on her agenda so I’m on borrowed time here! Will have to hit publish, finish my only-just-brewed cup of tea, then dash. Good job I didn’t have anything wildly exciting to report on this week then!

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week.

My previous words include:

Can, HappyStickersProudSpringCalm, Anticipation, Singing, Reading, and Birthdays.

The Reading Residence

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2 thoughts on “Word of the Week #15

  1. Oh dear, poor thing – and you for dealing with that sick! Have you tried Vicks on the soles of her feet with socks on? Can help, along with raising the head end of her cot. Routine can be a nice thing, I agree, so pleased things are running normally (coughs & short naps aside!) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Thank you, it’s the cough that’s bothering her most – she’s generally pretty good at coping with colds. But coughs are tricky to tackle at any age let alone in someone so small. The problem with raising the cot at one end is that she often ends up at the opposite end to where she started the night!

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