300 Picture Books Challenge #17

It’s been a fruitful week for our 300 Picture Books Challenge progress, with eight new titles taking our current total to 177 different books read since the beginning of the year.

We all really enjoyed the Alfie book we read last week so I snapped up another one when we went to the library yesterday. This week’s choice, Alfie Gets in First, was the first in the series and written way back in 1981. I was trying to put my finger on what it is about these timeless books that makes them so appealing to both parents and toddlers and came across this great article on the Guardian Books website, which sums it up really well – the conclusion being that a big part of their magic is that the stories and characters are so realistically ‘normal’ yet Shirely Hughes makes makes ‘the ordinary extraordinary’. This week’s adventure sees Alfie accidentally lock himself in the house while his mum and sister are left outside.

Very Little Red Riding Hood was chosen by Daddy when he took Little Miss to the library last week and I did initially wonder whether it might be a bit too scary for a two-year-old. I needn’t have worried, this version is a modernised and witty revamp in which Very Little Red Riding Hood is very much in control – and it’s actually told through the eyes of a toddler, making it very cute and very funny.

And sticking with wolves, also worth a special mention is The Great Sheep Shenanigans, which I’m sure is going to remain popular into this week. It’s a lovely looking book, with catchy, fast-paced rhyming text that tells the story of a hapless hungry old wolf’s attempts to trick his way into a flock of lambs. Watch out for hero Rambo the Ram!

300 Picture Books Challenge week 17

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