Word of the Week #18

This week has felt difficult. A bit like wading through mud. I could go with the treacle analogy but that might be at least a bit more enjoyable! I’m not entirely sure why but returning to work after having had the previous week off I felt far from refreshed – more sluggish, stressed and generally a bit…

Word of the Week - Bah!

It’s just been one of those weeks where I haven’t felt on top of life. I’ve felt tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. I haven’t achieved the things I wanted to.

On the blogging front especially there’s been so much more I wanted to do but didn’t have the energy for on top of everything else – a backlog of blog posts that have stayed in my head or at best were written down as just a title, linkys I didn’t manage to join in with and comments I didn’t get around to making.

I know everyone has good and bad weeks, especially busy parents who are trying to juggle so many things.

Thankfully it does feel like the fog is lifting now. The so-far-sunny long Bank Holiday weekend is helping, as have a couple of more productive but enjoyable days. So hopefully next week I’ll feel more positive and upbeat again.

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week.

My previous words include:

Can, HappyStickersCalm, Anticipation, Singing, BirthdaysNo! and family.

The Reading Residence

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4 thoughts on “Word of the Week #18

  1. Oh no. I hate weeks like this. So very frustrating. Really hope this long weekend helps you to catch up & feel a little more refreshed x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Bad weeks always pass – that’s what I’ve told myself all week and once again it’s true. I’m sure next week will be better.

  2. Bah! A perfect word for when you’re feeling pants! I hate that feeling, it can be so overwhelming. I hope writing your thoughts down will help wash that feeling away. It will pass. Here’s to sunnier thoughts and more positive, productive days. X

  3. Thanks, it is quite a satisfying word! Sure it’ll be a better week. Thanks to the Bank Holiday I already only have one day left at work!

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