A tale of two potty triumphs!

I did have a different title ready for this post but Little Miss excelled herself tonight and repeated the feat I was expecting to write about… in case you haven’t already guessed, she’s now done her first two wees on the potty!

We’ve been taking a slowly-slowly approach to toilet training. Officially we haven’t really started at all yet, we’ve just been trying to encourage her to take an interest in it. We bought a potty and trainer seat back towards the start of the year, to get her used to having them around the house and sitting on them before she has her bath each night. To start with she really wasn’t that keen – she cried the first time we sat her on the toilet seat! Then she became quite happy sitting on them but it was all just a bit of a game to her.

A tale of two potty triumphs

Now, though, she seems to actually be aware of what she’s doing. Friday night saw the first momentous occasion of a wee in the potty and what made it all the better was that she initiated it herself, asking to go on the potty. In fact, as I took her nappy off before her bath she was getting quite twitchy and wanted me to hurry up as if she knew she needed to go. I had an inkling, somehow, about what was going to happen and sure enough hubby was soon yelling excitedly from the bathroom and praising Little Miss like she’d brought the winning lottery ticket home (we wish!).

It’s amazing what you can get excited about when you become a parent. We both stared proudly at the little puddle of yellow in the bottom of the potty. I was even going to take a photo but hubby persuaded me that was taking things a bit too far!

Way back in November last year, when I’d only just started this blog, I wrote Fanfare for a poo! a post about the first time she told us she had done a poo in her nappy. This is a whole new level of toilet-related pride! And it doesn’t appear to be a lucky fluke since she’s repeated her latest trick again before tonight’s bath – cue more warm fuzzy mummy feelings.

Less easily pleased, Little Miss has seemed a bit worried to start with on both occasions – I suppose it must all feel a bit strange. But she soon laps up the praise when she realises everything is ok – tonight she even gave herself a round of applause!

We plan to stick to our somewhat relaxed approach to toilet training, rather than try and get ahead of ourselves and force things too quickly. I’m sure Little Miss will let us know when she’s ready to move to the next stage so we’ll just look out for her cues – it’s much less stressful that way too and I’m more than happy to give ourselves an easier life for now.

What has helped, though, has been our toilet-training kit as pictured. The key items we bought, way in advance of expecting her to do to much with them, have been a potty (of course!), a trainer seat and a step all made by Tippitoes – nothing fancy, just basic, practical designs that had good reviews on Amazon (incidentally, we also had the Tippitoes mini bath when Little Miss was tiny and loved that too). Then we’ve got two books: one for us, called Potty Training Girls, by Simone Cave and Dr Caroline Fertleman, and one for Little Miss called Princess Polly’s Potty, which includes a ‘hooray’ noise button for little ones to press. There are also boys’ versions of both of these.

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19 thoughts on “A tale of two potty triumphs!

  1. Congratulations on the momentous first. Mums do get excited about such things that they probably could never have imagined prior to children!

    I’m just about to write up our story about potty training. And we did it the same way as you – having the potties around the house, letting him lead. Took him a while, but all done within a week pretty much.

    • Will look forward to reading about your potty training experiences and great to hear that you took a similar approach and it worked! I think nursery has helped us as well. Little Miss goes three days a week and sees the older ones using their potties so (hopefully) is more inclined to copy. Well done to your little man!

  2. Great post. We are taking a similar approach to you and it’s great to read about the success your having! #sharewithme

    • I’m sure they’ll let us know when they’re ready to move on to the next stage. Good to hear others are doing similar to us.

  3. This is fantastic!! Well done little lady!!

  4. Ha! I have just written a poem about potty training- we are taking it very easy…could be a while but that’s alright…#sharewithme

  5. Hurray that’s fantastic. I tried the too fast approach and it didn’t work and made it all worse so then waited a few months to try again and a lot slower and it was so much better. Good for your little one though. Even applauded herself I love it when they get excited about it too. Buba still isn’t excited about it but does it because he has to. lol Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I love getting to know more blogs and writing them all on wednesdays. Hope it long continues to go well. #sharewithme

    • I’m loving the Share With Me linky so hope it continues to go from strength to strength. No more potty wees to report yet. Maybe tonight if we’re lucky!

  6. Yay! That’s great 🙂 With our first we initiated it because we had a two week holiday and it seemed like a good opportunity. With our second, he initiated it by announcing he wasn’t wearing nappies anymore… And we’ve just started the ‘get them used to the idea’ thing with our third 🙂 Good luck!

    • Good luck to you too! I can quite imagine ours turning round one day and refusing to wear a nappy. She can have very definite opinions at times!

  7. yay!! its such hard work isnt it! when they finally click it is so fantastic!
    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments x

  8. Woohoo!! Love this post and congrats to your little girl on her potty victory!! I love her potty training kit! I remember my eldest daughter catching on really fast, my sons, not so quick! I cannot wait to start potty training Miss Annabelle!! Thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH xx

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