300 Picture Books Challenge #20

So we’re still tantalisingly close to having read 200 different books this year but Little Miss once again continued to be resistant to half of the new library books we’d got! With four new books read, our total now stands at 195. Maybe next week we’ll hit that big milestone!

By far this week’s favourite has been the latest Spot the Dog title we’ve got our hands on, Spot’s First Walk. It’s the usual lift-the-flap affair, which Little Miss loves, with a quick and easy to digest storyline. I’ve yet to find a Spot book she hasn’t enjoyed!

Both Jumblebum and classic fairytale The Three Little Pigs had slightly sinister undertones to them I thought! Little Miss was unruffled, probably as she’s too young to be worried by this sort of thing yet. Either that or she’s made of sterner stuff than her easily spooked mummy!

Jumblebum is a fun and creative story about what happens when a little boy lets his bedroom get horribly messy – and unwittingly unleashes the Jumblebum monster! I loved the rhyming text in this one.

Then there’s the familar story of The Three Little Pigs, which I remember well from my own childhood. The ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’ lines were predictably popular with the toddler but I’d forgotten that two of the three pigs get eaten by the wolf, who himself ends up being boiled alive when he comes down the third pig’s chimney and lands in his cooking pot! As I said, all just a little bit sinister!

300 Picture Books Challenge Week 20

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2 thoughts on “300 Picture Books Challenge #20

  1. I read 3 little pigs to my son when he was little i too forgot about the sinister storyline and had a lot of explaining to my son who kept asking what happened to the pigs and of course the wolf at the end

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