300 Picture Books Challenge #24 and 25

I’m playing catch up with this post! This last week we discovered Jez Alborough’s highly entertaining Duck in the Truck series of books, which Little Miss loved – to the point that I had to hide Ssssh! Duck Don’t Wake the Baby, having been begged to read it three times in a row before 8.30am!

Predictably enough, there’s another Maisy Mouse book added to the list which, as always, went down well and I Love My Daddy has also been very popular, much to my hubby’s delight!

On a personal note, I enjoyed rediscovering the classic fairytale Puss in Boots, having completely forgotten the story – and Little Miss was very amused by the fact that it stars a cat wearing boots since she’s always had a shoe fixation!

So our current total now stands at 223 different books read so far this year. You can see what we’ve been reading and follow our latest progress on our Pinterest board.

300 Picture Books Challenge Weeks 24 and 25

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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3 thoughts on “300 Picture Books Challenge #24 and 25

  1. justinplambert

    Would you be interested in trying out an eBook picture book on the Little Miss? “Elliot’s New Friends” was free last week for Amazon Kindle, but I can sneak you a free copy. 🙂 I’d be interested in both of your opinions and an honest review if you’re willing. http://www.amazon.com/Elliots-New-Friends-Justin-Lambert-ebook/dp/B00LBDMZAS

    • Hi Justin, sorry for such a late reply! Juggling a newborn and Little Miss means much less time for blogging at the moment. That said, I would be happy to have a look with Little Miss at Elliot’s New Friends – it would be something else to have up my sleeve to help keep her occupied! As long as you don’t mind that it might take me a bit longer than usual to get the review done.

      • justinplambert

        That’s not a problem at all, and I appreciate it. Just let me know what email address to send it to. (You can email me at justinplambert@gmail.com instead of giving yours out in the comments if you prefer) and let me know if you prefer PDF or Kindle format? Thanks again!

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