The one where Little Mister goes for his six-week check

This time last week saw Little Mister and I head out for his six-week check. I say it was his appointment. It was actually for both of us but he was by far the star attraction.

Little Mister's six-week check

Ready with his Red Book!

Everything went well, thankfully. He was alert and interested throughout, probably because he must have been getting peckish, and passed all the little tests with flying colours. And he didn’t disgrace himself by weeing or worse on our lovely family doctor, which is always a relief!

As we already knew, he’s a big, tall boy. He now weighs almost 13lb, putting him on the 91st percentile for weight, and is 63cm long, which is the 98th percentile for height. When the doctor laid him across the bed, as she did two years ago with Little Miss, his feet poked off the edge!

But while the appointment itself was fine the half hour leading up to it was anything but. Just as Little Miss’s six-week check had also turned into a bit of a farce when I realised I’d locked myself out of the house. A realisation that was swiftly followed by the dreaded noise from the pram that told me she’d just produced an epic nappy!

I’d tried so hard to ensure we got out on time last week and that Little Mister wouldn’t arrive at the surgery late or hungry. I had the changing bag all restocked and packed, the all-important  Red Book safely stashed, the buggy up and everything by the door ready to go hours in advance of our departure.

Our appointment letter had stressed that baby should be fed beforehand so he’d be content for the examination. Little Mister clearly didn’t read, or even overhear Mummy reading, the letter. Sticking to his own, still somewhat unpredictable schedule, he decided to sleep instead. Luckily Mummy was on hand to rouse him in time to feed.

But he had other plans. What could have been a quick nappy change turned into our worst mess yet… He managed to wee in his face. Yet again. Clearly I’m doing something wrong here! And not just his face but over the edge of the change mat onto the carpet. Then seconds later an arc of yellow poo shot out and over the edge of the other end of the changing mat.

Half a pack of wet wipes later and Little Mister and the carpet were clean again. So I got him dressed in a nice new sleep suit and sat down to try and give him at least half his feed to keep him going.

Me? Trouble?!

Me? Trouble?!

But instead of seeming grateful for my efforts, Little Mister fussed around at my boob for five minutes before I sat him up and he threw up down the the arm of his fresh, previously clean, outfit. So we started again.

Luckily we live just across the road from our local surgery and we somehow managed to make it to the appointment only five minutes late. But the moral of this story seems to be that you cannot make a young baby follow any kind of schedule other than their own!

Super Busy Mum


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12 thoughts on “The one where Little Mister goes for his six-week check

  1. Papa_Tont

    I have to admit I was chuckling reading this, but completely out of sympathy. Those ill timed explosive poos and the third change of the day are really quite a test of your resolve and administration, so well done you for only being 5 minutes late.

    • Thanks. I half expected it to happen. I knew the morning had gone too smoothly for there not to be a poo-shaped curve ball thrown in. I’m learning to laugh about it more second time around. It’s that or go mad! Thanks for popping by.

  2. I’ve never heard of a baby having to be fed to be content at a check up – rather wishful thinking!! But well done for you for sorting if all xx #weeklywednesday

    • I thought that too when I read the letter. To be honest, if he had been properly fed he probably would have been too dozy to do anything at the appointment! Thanks for reading.

  3. Haha this takes me back!! congratulations for getting there at all after contending with all of that! #mmwbh

  4. Oh cute, but yes typical.

    I always had to put a little flannel over N’s nether regions when changing his nappy. He peed over the doctor in hospital at 2 days old, then in the midwife’s cubby hole while he was being weighed, and in the children’s centre while being weighed, all up the wall of lovely children’s drawings. Oops.


    • So far Little Mister has saved all his accidents for me! Glad to hear I’m not the only one though as a few mum friends of mine with boys claimed it only happened to them ‘once or twice’. I was starting to feel a bit incompetent! My daughter was good at going on the scales at weigh ins! Thanks for reading.

  5. Hehe this made me giggle! How adorable is he tho!! You’ve a proper little beauty there!! 😉
    So glad everything went well at his appointment, development wise!! 🙂
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays…

  6. They do like to test us don’t they, my worst incident was on the day my first baby and I left hospital, I was changing her nappy so she was ready to go home and just laid her on the bed on a muslin, she projected poo across the whole bed and up the pillow, wet wipes mostly just rubbed it in, I apologised so much to the discharge nurse and couldn’t get out there quick enough!!

  7. Ahh bless him so cute. They grow up so fast don’t they and even at six week’s doesn’t it seem like that has gone fast too. So glad everything went well. So adorable. Love all the cute photos. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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