I got 99 posts… and now my blog is one!

OK, so it might have been nice to have managed to co-ordinate my 100th and one year blog birthday posts into one. But perhaps a bit too perfect. And anyway, it would have denied me the opportunity to use my cracking Jay-Z inspired headline! So… let’s ‘hit it’!
Blog birthday candle

Actually it’s a bit of a belated birthday now. As ever at the moment, I’m running a little bit late with this one. Again! Such is life with two little people.

Last Friday, 17th October, marked a year since I finally got this blog up and running. It’s kind of crept up on me a bit to be honest…

This time last year I had just found out I was pregnant with Little Mister. He’s now 16 weeks old!

Little Miss, when I first started writing online about our life, was just over 18 months old. She was starting to put words together but was nothing like the little chatterbox she is now. Her hair back then, bless her, was still pretty short and babyish. Today she’s very proud of her cute, curly little ponytail – as are we!

So much has happened in the last 12 months and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to share and record little snippets of it all here on this blog.

Double trouble

Double trouble! Family life one year on.

I look forward to one day being able to show my children this blog too. I love the fact that they’ll one day be able to read about the little details of our family life that might otherwise have got lost or forgotten over time.

And I’ve loved – and have really valued – being able to join a wonderful, supportive, online community of parent bloggers at a time when I’ve been finding my feet as a new mum. I’ve found the mummy and daddy blogging world to be a great source for advice, inspiration, laughter and, from time to time, commiseration when I’m having a bad day.

Life is busier than ever now that we’re a family of four and lately I’ve been struggling to find as much time as I’d like to devote to further developing this blog. There are still so many things sitting on my blogging to-do list. I’m still at the beginning and there’s so much more I hope to do.

But for now I’m going to try and focus on what I have managed to achieve so far…

So, we have the 99 blog posts.

And Mummy’s to do list now has close to 800 followers on Twitter

I have 109 followers on Pinterest

And 36 followers on Bloglovin’

Thank you so much to all those following and interacting with me!

And as I do love a chart (I have happy memories of religiously recording the Top 40 every Sunday night when I was a kid!), here are my top ten posts from the last year…
1. Twin your toilet…
2. Fun with fishes toddler craft
3. Help change children’s lives on World Book Day
4. Toddler art: painting a hand print rainbow
5. Ten tips I learnt from reading I Don’t Have Time to Write
6. Really easy toilet roll crafts for toddlers!
7. Introducing our new arrival… not-so-little Mister!
8. The joys of toddler singing…
9. Easter gifts from nursery…
10. As you turn two…

Charity posts and crafts have gone down well but my favourites have been the more personal posts like numbers seven to ten. And lucky number seven has to be the best one of all. I feel so blessed to have my lovely little family.

Thank you to everyone who has shared the last year with us. Hope to see you again very soon.

Mummy’s to do list x

Pic credit: Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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