Five things my kids are (or were) scared of

Babies are funny little creatures, aren’t they? There are plenty of things in their world that they really ought to be a bit more apprehensive about. Creating your own new ‘pond dipping’ game in the toilet your big sister just peed in could result in injury a tummy ache, for example (Yes, my son did this at the weekend). Attempting to scramble upstairs every time you spot the gate open when you can barely walk may well turn out to be a bad idea. Trying to poke your chubby little fingers into a plug socket could give you a nasty surprise. And putting small pebbles from the beach straight into your mouth is never going to make you popular with Mummy.

Yes, right now my 13-month-old son is just a bit of a liability. So it makes me chuckle to think of some of the things he actually perceives as a genuine threat and to remember some of those Little Miss struggled with too.

1. Men with beards – both my two have struggled with this one and to an extent I do agree – I’m not a beard-lover myself (sorry to all those I’ve just alienated!). That said, I’ve yet to burst into tears at the sight of one! Our best beard-related wobbly was when the vicar, a youngish, friendly and very non-scary man of God, came to visit us ahead of Little Mister’s Baptism. Baby boy took one look at him and screamed. He then clung onto me for the entire visit while continuing to glare suspiciously at our hirsute houseguest.

George Pig armbands

These bad boys are clearly terrifying!

2. A pair of George Pig armbands – we’re trying to get into a regular family swimming routine and bought these for Little Mister a couple of weeks ago. When I first took them out of the box and started to blow them up, his bottom lip started to tremble. When I cheerfully tried to show them to him he moved away and started to cry! This was repeated for a good half hour every time the offending inflatable came anywhere near him! He has now grudgingly accepted them. All very random.

3. Hand driers – Probably a more common baby phobia than the previous one. Little Miss used to be terrified of them, especially the Xlerator ones. I can recall being at a family gathering at a posh golf club when she was five months old. We’d taken her off to sort out a ‘special’ nappy and I forgot about The Fear. I returned back into a room full of seldom-seen, well-wishing relatives with a screaming, traumatised baby. Parenting fail.

Henry Hoover

Help, it’s looking at me Mummy!

4. The hoover – Little Miss used to panic when it came out at the end of the day at nursery. She was concerned by Henry Hoovers. Maybe it was the face. I can remember her seeing one in a shopping centre and quizzing me about where it was going and having to give it a ridiculously wide berth. Even now, if I’m hoovering at home she hops up on the bed out of the way – although she has softened somewhat now and does like to have a go at pushing it herself (teach them young I say!).

5. Andy at nursery – Linked to the above, for Little Miss at least. Our kids go to a lovely nursery and at the end of the day the owner’s husband, Andy, who looks after all the maintenance, comes round to do the cleaning. When Little Miss was smaller it became a running joke that she didn’t like Andy. He tried not to take offence, it was the hoover! Well, now it seems that her younger brother also takes exception to the appearance of Andy too. We’re not even sure it’s because of the hoover as he’s always seemed fascinated by that at home. Andy tells us he’s trying not to get a complex. And he doesn’t even have a beard!

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20 thoughts on “Five things my kids are (or were) scared of

  1. You Baby Me Mummy

    Baby is still scared of men she doesn’t know and hand dryers! ah bless him getting upset at the armbands! x

    • It’s kind of cute when they need a reassuring cuddle but the armbands fear really did throw me! Especially given how nosy he usually is with new objects. Thanks for popping by!

  2. The Anxious Dragon

    My eldest was terrified of the giant tortoise at Bristol Zoo, he cried and kept saying ‘I dont want that up my leg’?!?!

    • This made me giggle! I can imagine they are a bit strange looking if you’re little. Thanks for popping by.

      • The Anxious Dragon

        All sirts of off things worried him. One time he spent almost two weeks holding the bottoms of his sleeves to stop the dragons getting up there x

  3. It always surprises me what the kids are scared of. It’s different for my two kids, too.

  4. Aw bless! So funny, my children too were scared of hand dryers and men with beards must be something to it ey! x

  5. This sounds so familiar, my children both were scared of hand dyers and men with beards, well actually my daughter so far my son is a lot braver with life in general! x

    • My son is generally much more fearless than his sister was with most things – especially climbing! But he can get spooked by the strangest little things, like armbands! Thanks for reading.

  6. It is funny what little ones are scared of , my daughter is scared of hair dryers. My eldest use to be scared of people who wore glasses xx

  7. Yes, my toddler had a scared of beards phase. She is over this now but tends to refer to all beardy men as daddy. She was also upset by armbands, though she will wear them now. Baby is scared of hoover, but is improving. They are both erratic with hand dryers – sometimes okay. #sharewithme

  8. Yep, we had the hand dryer fear here too – only slightly wearing off at age 4.5! Hoovers however are a different matter – it was love at first sight for RJ & Henry….!

    • Ha, ha! I’d assumed that mine would find Henry’s little face appealing too. DD is only just getting over her fear of him. She used to burst into tears when he appeared at nursery!

  9. PS #sharewithme

  10. Yeah mine freaks out at anything like hand dryer, hair dryer, Hoover, lawn mower. Anything that makes loud noise. also scissors #sharewithme

  11. Zach is absolutely terrified of hand driers! He goes into absolute panic and tears. The armbands too – when we first put them on him he screamed blue murder. Funny little things they are! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  12. Ahhh bless them kids can really be scared of various things. I can relate both of mine are so scared of things as silly as their own shadow lol It’s been a fun adventure with them. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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