Motherhood is bad for your barnet!

In the shower this morning my mind, as usual, started to wonder. Some days I could put the world to rights while standing alone (yes alone!) under that wonderful, warm running water. On this particular occasion, though, my thoughts turned to hair…

Motherhood is bad for your hair

Today was a no-wash day. I’d have quite liked to but, as is so often the case now, there wasn’t enough time. Back in the days when I was young and childless my locks were washed every day without fail. Sometimes twice if I was going out on the town that night or had been to the gym (ha!).

In those days I only had a very vague idea of what dry shampoo was. My mum had mentioned it once. I’d certainly never used it.

Back then I also thought nothing of regularly spending a hundred quid in a hairdressing salon. Full head of foil high and low lights, cut and blow dry? Yes please. And of course I’ll blow an extra twenty quid on a fancy shampoo and styling product combo that I don’t really need! And I’d do this every 3 months or so.

Fast forward to now? My hair gets chopped once every six months at best, if I’m lucky and/or remember. Basically, once it gets long enough to become really annoying. High

And it is just a cut – a dry cut for twenty quid at a salon in town where I know I can pretty much walk in off the street at a moment’s notice, ie when the stars align, I’m getting desperate and Little Mister decides to nap or the husband can take the kids for half an hour.

Yes, my hair has definitely been a casualty of children. And incidentally, I was also one of those who missed out on the promised so-called pregnancy boost to hair – my maternal locks were more limp and greasy than thick and glossy and once the babies were here I then spent weeks molting like an overgrown household pet!

So it seems, for me at least, that motherhood isn’t great for your hair.

Lady at hair dressers

Living the dream! (Not me, in case anyone was seriously wondering!)

Pic credits: and Marin

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9 thoughts on “Motherhood is bad for your barnet!

  1. I am on a no wash day for the 3rd day and it feels gross! Motherhood is definitely bad for your barnet. I think we all need to apologize to our hair for the terrible neglect it now experiences haha #twinklytuesday

  2. Oh my goodness so glad someone is exactly the same as me!! I use to go to the hair dressers every couple of months or so – now i think its been well over 8 months – prob longer! haha! Such a lovely read! Thanks for sharing! Suz x

    • Ah thanks for such a nice comment. Looking forward to washing my hair this morning! Though probably going to look rubbish again as soon as I get outside in the rain. Stupid rain!

  3. Yes, this has happened to me too, and my hair is currently a disaster! #sharewithme

  4. I completely and utterly agree with this! My hair hasn’t been cut since October last year! One because finding time is a nightmare and two because every time I think I have the money, I then have to buy something for Zach! I used to spend 2 hours a time in the hairdressers! I’ve been thinking about getting highlights when the random colour has completely grown out but I know that’ll be a mistake and that in no time I’ll be walking around with half a head of roots!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Hahha I couldn’t agree more. I get the bun or ponytail daily treatment and that’s about it. I try to curl it once a week and leave it for as long as I can wear it like that. Good thing I have dry corse hair that doesn’t get greasy haha helps. lol 🙂 Just need more time for it. You aren’t the only one. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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