First hair cuts, his and hers …

This weekend marked a major milestone for both our little people – their first haircuts. Neither of our offspring have had the fastest growing locks. Little Miss in particular really had very little hair until she was almost two. Looking back on pictures from this time two years ago, her hair seems so very short still. You’d never guess it now. She has such a beautiful head of golden, auburn waves.

Little Mister had more hair than his sister at birth and was darker but most of his fell out when he was a few months old. His locks have definitely grown back quicker than hers and it was his increasingly unruly fringe that finally spurred us into action. I was forever pushing his hair away from his eyes, plus, for the first time ever, somebody thought he was a girl the other week!

So off we went on Saturday – family outing! Little Miss, at age 3 and 10 months, gamely took to the chair first. She loves doing ‘grown-up’ things and was happy to sit up high and be pampered as long as it was just a trim. We’d promised her it would still be long. She’s such a girly girl and adores having long hair. And I still remember being quite traumatised when my mum had my long, curly toddler locks lopped off at a similar age – apparently she faced a daily battle sorting out my barnet.

First haircuts photo collage

Little Miss sat perfectly while her hair was  trimmed and tidied up, and the stylist became her new  best friend when she offered to finish off with an ‘Elsa plait’ from Frozen. As if Little Miss would ever refuse! I, on the other hand, was a bit nervous knowing I’m unlikely to ever be able to recreate the look at home. A skill to add to the to-do list, perhaps?

Little Mister, at 19 months, was not quite as keen as his sister but, with the help of Peppa Pig on the stylist’s mobile, he sat on Daddy’s lap and got through it.

We’re still getting used to his new look – he did have quite a thorough cropping. The hairdresser did check we were ok with her taking off his baby curls at the back. I hadn’t been prepared for it to be put like that and wavered for a moment but practicality won through. And we saved those curls in an envelope! (along with some of his sister’s trimmings).

He does look much smarter now and it’s much easier to look after now. We were having to blow dry it after every bath or shower! In some ways, he actually seems younger. It takes us back to last summer before it grew so long. But, of course, he is soooo much bigger.

So there we have it, another new experience.

Finished first haircuts

Looking sharp! The finished results

my petit canard


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13 thoughts on “First hair cuts, his and hers …

  1. min1980

    Cute! I took my 18 month old for his first haircut this weekend too. I was convinced he was going to wriggle out of the chair, scream and have a general meltdown but he was actually very well behaved-due in no small part to the presence of the hairdresser’s dog, who kept him occupied. So adorable seeing them in the chair having their baby hair trimmed! #MarvellousMondays

  2. mackenzieglanville

    oh my gosh they are so cute! I waited until Adam was around 2 and half before I was brave enough to cut his curls off, my brother kept telling me he looked like a girl but I loved his longer hair. He is 6 now and I took him for a haircut last month as it was getting out of control (he has such a mop of crazy hair) and he insisted he only get a trim! So his hair is still pretty crazy even after the hair cut. But it reflects his crazy personality lol. Your children are beautiful xx

    • Ah, Thank you. I think they are pretty adorable. Boy’s hair is a whole new world for me. I’ll have no idea what to do with it as he gets older!

  3. They are both adorable! He looks very smart with his new haircut and her elsa hair looks lovely! My daughter would absolutely love hair long enough to have elsa hair! but at 2 and a half her hair is still pretty short, it’s just about long enough to get a little pony tail at the top of her head, most days I do two little pigtails. #twinklytuesday

  4. I can still remember my eldest getting her hair cut for the first time. I “think” I can remember the youngest’s too! It is a strangely important rite of passage isn’t it. They’re both looking good for it! #sharewithme

  5. How cute! We haven’t done any yet either. 18 month old has faster growing hair than the 2yr 10 month old, actually. The older one also has really curly hair so it is longer than it looks, but cutting it would just make it more unmanageable – she needs it to get quite long, but it doesn’t grow fast! #MMWBH

  6. Gorgeous! What lovely little trims. I dont think there is probably anything quite like that first hair cut. We’ve still to take our little lady for hers, but I suspect we will have to any day now as her hair has become a bit of a handful to manage (she has so much hair!). I think a trim is definitely the way to go for those first haircuts 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

  7. Your children are adorable! Love their new haircuts. Our son recently got one…it went from long golden locks to a short 11th Dr. Who cut. It was a transition for me, but he loved it. #MMWBH

  8. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Ah how lovely that they got their first hair cuts together. They both did so well! My middle child had really long hair & had his first trim at 5 months old as it was down into his eyes already. He didn’t like hair cuts & used to roar the house down. They both look lovely with their new do’s. Thanks so much for sharing with #bloggerclubuk x

  9. Ahhh bless them how adorable. You never forget their first hair cut. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme.

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