Our babies are moving beds…

The last week has seen a bustle of activity and deliveries arriving that confirm yet another new milestone will very shortly be reached by the two little people in our house.

A toddler bed is now stashed in our garage while we await the arrival of its accompanying mattress. Alongside it is a new cot mattress. Hidden away in my bedroom cupboard is the pretty, if not ever-so-slightly-sickly, pink princess duvet set that Little Miss can’t wait to get her hands on. A second woodland themed set is on its way. And the much less exciting mattress protectors arrived this morning.

Big changes are afoot. Little Miss will soon leave behind the cot that has been her sleeping place for more than two years. And Little Mister, at ten weeks old and on the 98th percentile for height, is fast outgrowing the crib he’s occupied since the beginning of July. The same crib that his older sister slept in for the first four months of her life.

Little Miss cot action

It’s hard to imagine Little Miss now as that tiny baby, much smaller than her brother, sleeping next to me in that little wooden crib. She will soon have her eagerly anticipated ‘big girl bed’and Little Mister will be able to enjoy the extra space of his big sister’s old cot.

It will feel like the end of an era. I’m not sure which move is more emotional. Once the crib goes away it could be for the last time. We haven’t yet decided whether we’d have one more child or not but realistically speaking it seems unlikely at the moment. So this could be the end of all things newborn.

Little Mister in the crib

Little Mister in the crib.

And then there’s Little Miss leaving the ‘babyness’ of her cot behind. She’s always been on the small side, so we never had any worries about her being able to climb out of the cot – she still can’t now. The move to a bed, all-be-it a little toddler one, reminds me how grown up she is becoming, how every day she becomes a little bit more independent, less baby and more little girl. It’s lovely to see but at the same time nobody likes time to pass too quickly. She’ll be a teenager before we know it!

Little Miss in her crib

Little Miss in the crib. Happy memories!

We’re hoping the transition will be a smooth one. I’m not too worried about Little Mister. His sister was fine when she moved up from crib to cot and their temperaments so far have been pretty similar. Hopefully he won’t notice the little teeth marks Little Miss kindly added for him at one end quite recently!

Little Miss cot quad

Happy times in the cot! Top left was her first night in it in August 2012.

Little Miss is the one I’m more apprehensive about. She seems excited about having a new bed but toddler’s are unpredictable little creatures with a talent for changing their minds. She’s always been a good sleeper so I’m praying she can retain this good habit, not least because our nights are already broken by the feeding needs of her brother.

Again he’s pretty good and we’re generally down to one middle-of-the-night feed now but I have to confess I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to lost sleep. I know I have it so much easier than many parents do but even that single one hour wake-up in the early hours can still knock me for six some days.

Only time will tell whether or not, given her new-found freedom, Little Miss will become a night-time wanderer!

If anyone has any tips for making the transition from cot to bed then I’d love to hear them!

Moving beds

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10 cute things I love about my kids right now…

In my ‘happy place’ in the shower the other day I found my mind wandering, as usual, and got thinking about all the lovely little things my two children have said (the toddler not the baby!) or done lately. Those precious, magic moments that have made me smile, laugh or feel truly blessed. It’s so easy for these things to become a distant memory so I thought I should write them down so they don’t get forgotten – I have most of my better ideas in the shower!

10 cute things I love about my kids right now

1. Little Miss currently loves to say “see you later alligator…” when she’s saying goodbye. She also says the second bit for you but instead of saying “in a while” it comes out as “in a ‘pile’ crocodile!”

2. Little Mister has this cute and very noisy waking up ritual. He’ll grunt and shift around a lot, sometimes fart (sorry!), then stretch and screw his little face up. He can do this for a good ten to fifteen minutes before properly opening his eyes. It’s fascinating to watch!

3. Little Miss is desparate to do everything “all by myself” at the moment and given half a chance loves going into her room and getting ready to go out. Trouble is she usually emerges dressed entirely inappropriately, often with winter hat, mittens and big cardigan regardless of it being 30 degrees outside. But she does it with such pride!

4. Little Mister, who really isn’t that little at all, likes his milk and doesn’t like a delay in it being delivered to him. Pick him up when he’s feeling peckish and he’ll pound his little fists on my chest.

5. Little Miss came home from nursery a few weeks ago having learnt a new song, ‘Hop Little Bunnies’. It was one I wasn’t familiar with, and in fact I didn’t even realise it was a song at all to start with. But then I typed it into You Tube and played this video and Little Miss’s face lit up. “Like nursery” she said. And now we love playing the song to her while she hops (kind of) around the room being a little bunny.

6. Little Mister has really started smiling more these last few weeks. It’s lovely to see him becoming more responsive to us and, like any parents, his little grin makes it all worthwhile.

7. Little Miss pretending to ‘do ballet’. This has mainly been inspired by an episode of Peppa Pig and Angelina Ballerina.

8. Little Mister’s new baby smell. Everyone always says it but that newborn aroma is so addictive – warm, milky and sweet.

9.  Little Miss has this funny way of saying ‘please’. She seems to take on this strange accent, which can be slightly annoying but endearing at the same time. It comes out as “yeah playse”! If it’s not that then she says “peas” like the vegetable!

10. Little Mister is just starting to find his voice now, making proper noises. We have little ‘conversations’ with him, primarily based around him saying “oh”! I just love the way it sounds – so small and completely innocent. And I love the look of concentration on his little face as he works hard to form new sounds.

If you’ve got kids, then I’d love to hear what cute little things they’re doing at the moment.

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The one where the toddler gets naked!

Word of the Week #21 

Over the last few weeks we’ve gradually been finding Little Miss in ever increasing states of undress by the time we retrieve her from her cot each morning.

For a long time now upon waking she’s been evicting the various beloved cuddly toys that she insists are safely tucked in with her each night. Clearly they’re not so essential come first light as they are unceremoniously dumped over the side of her cot, landing with a series of thuds.

Next she moved onto unzipping herself from her sleeping bag. Then came sock removal – again an item she absolutely insists on having for bedtime whatever the weather!

The last few weeks have seen her take things up another notch, moving on to starting the day topless.

And Thursday of this week saw us greeted by a completely starkers toddler… wearing nothing but a pleased-with-herself smile. Thankfully the nappy she’d taken off was only a wet one or I doubt I’d be telling this tale with quite as much humour! So my Word of the Week has to be… Word of the Week - NakedThe implications of this are dire for a mother who generally struggles to heave herself out of bed first thing in the morning. I’m now far too nervous to risk leaving her longer than five minutes or so once we’ve heard the first shouts from her bedroom. I dread the possibility of arriving to find her standing naked in the middle of a full-on, cot-based dirty protest!

So it looks like there’ll be no more attempts to eke out anything resembling a lay-in from now on! We’ve got away with it for a long time – she used to just lay in her cot, happily chatting and singing. All good things come to an end I suppose!

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week. My previous words include: Can, HappyStickersCalm, AnticipationSinging, BirthdaysNo! and family.

The Reading Residence

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A tale of two potty triumphs!

I did have a different title ready for this post but Little Miss excelled herself tonight and repeated the feat I was expecting to write about… in case you haven’t already guessed, she’s now done her first two wees on the potty!

We’ve been taking a slowly-slowly approach to toilet training. Officially we haven’t really started at all yet, we’ve just been trying to encourage her to take an interest in it. We bought a potty and trainer seat back towards the start of the year, to get her used to having them around the house and sitting on them before she has her bath each night. To start with she really wasn’t that keen – she cried the first time we sat her on the toilet seat! Then she became quite happy sitting on them but it was all just a bit of a game to her.

A tale of two potty triumphs

Now, though, she seems to actually be aware of what she’s doing. Friday night saw the first momentous occasion of a wee in the potty and what made it all the better was that she initiated it herself, asking to go on the potty. In fact, as I took her nappy off before her bath she was getting quite twitchy and wanted me to hurry up as if she knew she needed to go. I had an inkling, somehow, about what was going to happen and sure enough hubby was soon yelling excitedly from the bathroom and praising Little Miss like she’d brought the winning lottery ticket home (we wish!).

It’s amazing what you can get excited about when you become a parent. We both stared proudly at the little puddle of yellow in the bottom of the potty. I was even going to take a photo but hubby persuaded me that was taking things a bit too far!

Way back in November last year, when I’d only just started this blog, I wrote Fanfare for a poo! a post about the first time she told us she had done a poo in her nappy. This is a whole new level of toilet-related pride! And it doesn’t appear to be a lucky fluke since she’s repeated her latest trick again before tonight’s bath – cue more warm fuzzy mummy feelings.

Less easily pleased, Little Miss has seemed a bit worried to start with on both occasions – I suppose it must all feel a bit strange. But she soon laps up the praise when she realises everything is ok – tonight she even gave herself a round of applause!

We plan to stick to our somewhat relaxed approach to toilet training, rather than try and get ahead of ourselves and force things too quickly. I’m sure Little Miss will let us know when she’s ready to move to the next stage so we’ll just look out for her cues – it’s much less stressful that way too and I’m more than happy to give ourselves an easier life for now.

What has helped, though, has been our toilet-training kit as pictured. The key items we bought, way in advance of expecting her to do to much with them, have been a potty (of course!), a trainer seat and a step all made by Tippitoes – nothing fancy, just basic, practical designs that had good reviews on Amazon (incidentally, we also had the Tippitoes mini bath when Little Miss was tiny and loved that too). Then we’ve got two books: one for us, called Potty Training Girls, by Simone Cave and Dr Caroline Fertleman, and one for Little Miss called Princess Polly’s Potty, which includes a ‘hooray’ noise button for little ones to press. There are also boys’ versions of both of these.

Super Busy Mum

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The joys of toddler singing…

I’m writing this while my toddler has her afternoon nap, having just had the absolutely adorable experience of hearing her sing herself to sleep with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. If I hadn’t been elbow deep in dirty washing at the time I would have recorded it! It’s a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while now and I had to capture it today before the moment passes again, as these things so quickly do.

The last few weeks have really seen Little Miss find her singing voice. Suddenly she’s able to sing most of the words to her favourite nursery rhymes and we often wake up in the morning to her happy little renditions. It’s amazing to think that this time last year she was only just starting to expand her repertoire of single words beyond ‘Mummy’, ‘Daddy’ and ‘hiya’ (out of interest, we’ve always counted ‘garden’ as her first proper word!). Now she’s talking in little sentences and copies almost everything we say (dangerous!).

Of course one of the downsides of her increased ability to express herself has been the increasing frequency of the word ‘no’ (more about that here) and yesterday in the car we heard ‘don’t want to’ for the first time! This was when Mummy and Daddy asked her to sing yet again – we’re a bit addicted to hearing her at the moment but clearly conditions weren’t to our little diva’s liking right then!

Anyway, while it’s fresh in my mind and before she grows up even more, I thought I’d share Little Miss’s Top 5 nursery rhymes…

The joys of toddler singing

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – has to be number one and always a favourite. I started singing it to her when she was just a few weeks old and it was one of the things that first made her smile in those very early days.

2. Baa, Baa Black Sheep – sheep have always been a favourite animal but now she seems especially keen on the ‘little boy’, often missing out the master and dame. Hopefully not a sign of things to come just yet!

3. Once I Caught a Fish Alive – this is one that caught us a bit by surprise and seems to have come from nursery, where they have a special music lady visit every Monda y. When hubby first heard her say ‘eight, nine, ten’ one morning he initially thought she’d somehow learnt how to count overnight! Our child, the maths genius – not likely with my share of the genes! But, without being too smug (much!) Mummy knew better. I realised she was singing that song and sure enough when we encouraged her to sing more she knew all the words. So hopes of a numerical genius somewhat dashed but it is great that she is at least already able to say them.

4. Hot Cross Buns – a seasonal entry that combines her love of food, especially anything even closely resembling cake, and singing. She says ‘ot’ rather than ‘hot’ and tends to skip one a penny and go straight in with two and add a third – always keen to get more cake!

5. Ring a Ring o’ Roses – currently her favourite action song, replacing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. She loves doing this one, especially with her cousins.

Anyway, it’s been so lovely hearing her burgeoning musical talents! I’m going to enjoy this stage before she starts heading towards the dreaded One Direction or whoever the naff boy band of the day might be in a few years time.

What are your little ones favourite songs?

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