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A weekend of birthday celebrations

Phew… we had a wonderful but very busy weekend, filled with birthday celebrations, as well as Mother’s Day, and an awful lot of cake!

Birthday princess

My beautiful birthday princess in her new castle play house

It all started on Friday, when Little Miss officially turned two. She awoke to find the first of several batches of presents to open, including an Igglepiggle almost as big as she is from her Great Auntie and Uncle! Then at lunchtime there were tearful scenes when the first of three birthday cakes wasn’t served quite as quickly as she’d like. I have to admit, I didn’t help the situation by joking that she couldn’t have any cake – she takes her food very seriously and did not see the funny side at all.

After lunch her main present, a Little Tikes Sand & Sea Play Table, went down just as well as we’d hoped. Up until a few weeks ago I had, for some reason, been thinking I’d get her a book case! Not quite so much fun I’m sure you’ll agree! Ok, so it was a lovely, posh, safari-themed one from Vertbaudet. But it dawned on me, in a moment of motherly clarity, that while it might have seemed a perfectly practical main present to me, that was just the problem – it was, if I’m honest, more of a present for me than her! So we had a change of plan and, after a relatively painless midnight construction job by mummy and daddy, the table has been most gratefully received. She already loves playing with the sand and I can see her enjoying it for many years to come.

Little Tikes Sea and Sand Table

Playing with her new Little Tikes Sea and Sand Table

Friday evening saw us out with Granny and Grandad (hubby’s parents) for a birthday dinner at Pizza Express, followed by a late evening dash around Sainsbury’s buying food for the next day’s family party.

Saturday morning then saw more presents – her first scooter from Granny and Grandad – and a lot more running around by mummy and daddy while we got everything ready for her party. Children’s birthdays really are exhausting! We deliberately tried to keep it pretty small – only close family and a handful of friends with toddlers – but there still seemed to be loads to do. But despite my occasional grumbling, it was great. Huge brownie points to hubby for taking care of the fab food and for being the self-appointed Bubble Master!

Present opening

Present opening with Mummy (and Peppa Pig!)

Of course the party meant more presents – with another toddler who recently turned two becoming distraught when he realised they weren’t for him this time – and the second birthday cake of the weekend. Then after the party we put up her present from Nanny and Grandad (my parents). It’s an Early Learning Wonderland Castle play tent and certainly evoked some diva-like princess behavior from Little Miss who, until yesterday afternoon, point-blank refused to let any adult come in with her! But she does love it and its resulted in one of my favourite-ever pictures of her (as seen above).

Birthday painting

My birthday card from Little Miss

I’d almost forgotten about my own birthday until Sunday morning – I’m now thoroughly upstaged! – and since hubby woke up with a splitting headache I unexpectedly (and somewhat grumpily) found myself on the early morning nappy and breakfast run. Luckily, he recovered enough to make it down for yet another bout of card and present opening. He’d also ‘overseen’ the creation of some beautiful birthday and Mother’s Day works of art for mummy from our little maestro! I have to say he far exceeded this year’s nursery efforts!

Lunch saw cake number three – all homemade by hubby – and another round of ‘Happy Birthday’. And by that point we were all thoroughly exhausted and ready for naps!

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