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The big 50 – reaching a bloggy milestone

The big 50It was only after I hit publish the other night that I realised I’d hit one of my first major blogging milestones – the big 5 0! Or to be precise, 50 posts written. Wow, that kind of of crept up on me. But no midlife crisis here, just cause for celebration. And next month I’ll be reaching an even bigger milestone… April 18 is not only our five-year wedding anniversary, it will also be my six month ‘blogiversary’ too! Half a decade of marriage and half a year of blogging!

When I took the plunge and started this blog back in October I had no idea where it might take me, or even if I’d have the time, energy or inclination to keep it going. It was a bit of a slow start while I found my feet and then I ground to a complete halt for most of December. But at the start of the new year I finally started to find my blogging mojo and since then I’ve been loving it and have thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of a wonderful, supportive, online community. So thank you everyone!

It’s been a real journey of discovery. Every week I’m finding and learning new things, which I love. And without getting too cheesy, it’s wonderful to have my own personal space to create whatever I want to and write about whatever I choose. I also write for my day job but here there are no corporate editorial meetings to negotiate, no lengthy approval processes to endure and no compromises to have to make – it’s all down to me (mwah ha ha!). Much to my own surprise , even after a long day at the office I still have the energy to come here and post. Blogging has been a breath of fresh air for me and some days it’s almost addictive!

I also love the fact that in years to come I’ll have a record of our family life to look back on. I don’t keep a traditional diary but now I have somewhere that Little Miss’s progress and milestones are being written about, which is great.

So, how to celebrate my half-year blog birthday?

I’d love to do something special to mark my six months as a bonafide blogger, so I’m on the hunt for ideas. I’ve yet to run a giveaway here and it would be nice to offer you loyal readers the chance to win a fab prize of some sort. But I’m not quite sure how to make that happen, so any advice is always very gratefully received. I imagine I just need to bite the bullet and ask companies for their support but I’m a typical Brit girl and it just feels a little bit cheeky! Watch this space, I’ll try and be brave… *crosses fingers*

BiB Awards

And now a shameless plug… if you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do writing it then I would be thrilled to be nominated for the BritMums’ Brilliance in Blogging Awards, the BiBs. There are 16 categories and the two that probably best fit this blog are Fresh Voice, which celebrates the newbies in the blogging world, and Family. If you want to nominate me in any others that’s fine by me but Food and Travel might be pushing it a bit – I’m utterly useless at cooking and the only ‘holiday’ we currently have planned (other than in my head!) is an overnight stay in Southampton! Either way, it’s very quick and easy to vote. Just click the badge below and if you do vote for me then thank you so,so much *blushes*!

NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE BLOGSThanks again for reading and here’s to the next 50 posts, well 49 now!

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