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300 Picture Books Challenge #8

We had a quick library visit on Saturday so have had a nice new crop of books to read this week. To be honest, it was more of a dash and grab before our parking ran out so I was pleasantly surprised to still bring home a decent selection!

300 Picture Books Challenge week 8The stand-out favourites have been Roar!, great for going on an armchair safari and learning all the animals’ names, Mr Davies and the Baby, the new bedtime book of choice about a little dog, and Huff & Puff, a simple modern take on the classic Three Little Pigs fairy tale. This last book is proving very practical as well – it encourages young readers to try and blow each house down, which is useful for us as we’re currently trying to teach Little Miss how to blow properly so she can do the candles on her birthday cake next month!

So with eight new books now added to the list, our number of different books read so far this year is now 121.

World Book Day logoThis week also saw Little Miss bring home her World Book Day £1 book token from nursery, so there will definitely be something new in the house for next week. At the moment I can’t decide which title to get. The two-year-old’s options are Hello, Hugless Douglas! (and we love that cuddly bear!) or Emily Gravett’s Little Book Day Parade. We’ll have to have a flick through to see which we like best.

Mr Men dress upTalking about World Book Day, if you missed last week’s post on supporting Book Aid International please do have a read. This special charity will be trying to raise as much as possible on World Book Day so that they can send more books to children in Africa who really need them. There are lots of fun ways you can get involved, including some fantastic fancy dress ideas, so please do take a look – we’re hoping to make the Little Miss Sunshine outfit!

You can follow our daily reading progress on Pinterest and I’d love to hear any recommendations.

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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300 Picture Book Challenge #6

It’s been an exciting week for us, as we passed the first big milestone of 100 books read as part of the 300 Picture Books Challenge. We’ve now got through 108 different books in total and 12 new titles in the last seven days, all borrowed from our wonderful local library.

300 Picture Book Challenge Week 6 books

There were two new Hairy Maclary books, although Little Miss easily still loves the original the most, and another fab Giles Andreae title, author of one of last week’s favouritesGiraffes Can’t Dance. This week’s book, Rumble in the Jungle, is another great rhyming animal tale with especially bright and beautiful illustrations.

Little Croc’s Purse had a great moral to it, with Little Croc reaping the rewards after being honest, and Matilda’s Cat went down well as Matilda is also the name of one of Little Miss’s cousins.

Hide and Seek Penguins children's bookWhat the Ladybird Heard children's bookOur two favourites this week, though, have been What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson, who’s fast becoming one of my all-time favourite children’s writers, and Hide and Seek Penguins.

The former features fab rhyming text, lots of animal noises and a glittery ladybird to find on most pages. The latter has flaps to lift and touchy-feely bits and Little Miss especially loved looking at this one on her own as well as with me.

You can follow our daily reading progress on Pinterest and I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading this week.

Find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog. 300 Picture Books badge

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300 Picture Book Challenge #1

I’ve started the year with a few resolutions and plans to join with in some of the fab new linkys that have just launched. Reading has always been a great love of mine and now I’m the proud owner of my own little (rapidly growing) baby bookworm. So we’re really excited about joining in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge.

Some of my best moments of the day are when Little Miss announces ‘book, book’, toddles over to her book basket and brings something back to me. She’ll then say ‘knee, knee’ which is where she she likes to sit for her stories. It’s a chance to have a sneaky snuggle while doing something we both enjoy. More often than not she’ll keep bringing me more books. I think our record in one sitting was ten (but that was before the challenge started so won’t help our total!).

It’s been lovely to start keeping a record of what we’re reading together and will be interesting to look back on at the end of the year. You can follow our progress here on Pinterest.

Week 1 of 300 Picture Books Challenge 2014

In our first week we have got through 29 books. My personal favourite was The Hungry Caterpillar, a classic from my own childhood.

Most of these were ones we already had at home, some were Christmas presents and eight were library books. We are rapidly exhausting our current supply though – I hadn’t realised how often we were repeating some of the favourites! We’ve got a Christmas book token to spend, so that’ll help, and we’re due another visit to the library (I’ve previously posted about how the library can be a lifesaver for new mums, you can read that here). Overall, though, I’ve really enjoyed the first week of the challenge and look forward to discovering more great books in the coming weeks.

You can find out more and join in with the 300 Picture Book Challenge over on the Child Led Chaos blog.

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Loving the library

Library cardI grew up loving books and have been keen for my little one to do the same, so the library has been a bit of a hangout of ours since the early days. But actually it’s not just about the books. I’ve found local libraries to be a handy safe haven for us since Little Miss was tiny, especially if we’re out and about in a new town. There’s always something to keep her entertained, it’s free, warm and all-weather. And while she finds it fun, it also ticks the box of being good for her development. What’s not to love? I now spend far more time there than I ever did in my student days!

My new-found appreciation of libraries started when I was breastfeeding. I always used to seek one out when I needed a base for the day. Most towns have one and they can be generally be relied upon to provide shelter from the elements, a quiet place to feed (with an endless supply of reading material for mum) and somewhere to change the inevitable dirty nappy (with rarely a queue).

Now she’s a toddler we’re still loving it but nowadays, like everything, it’s a little less sedate!

Little Miss got her first library card at the grand old age of 12 weeks! (check out the cute card in this post’s photo). Admittedly this was because the NHS post-natal group we attended had a local librarian come along to promote its parent-friendly credentials and sign us all up there and then. And it worked a treat.

At our local library there are no late fines on baby library cards (within reason), always handy for when busy mummy forgets. And if pages do get a bit tatty from toddlers thumbing through that’s also OK too.

Little Miss loves wandering around, looking at books, sitting on the little chairs and climbing in the funky tunnel-seat thingy (not it’s technical name I’m sure!).

And, on top of everything else, a big bonus is the Baby Rhyme Time sessions. Round our way there are loads of activities, groups and classes vying for the parental pound, so it’s nice to find something completely free (especially now I’m only working part-time). Some sessions have also included freebie books to take home at the end from Bookstart.

So, I for one would like to give a big thumbs up to local libraries. Do you agree?

National Libraries Day UK logo

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