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Newborn memories…

Yesterday Little Miss and I were looking at a photo album of her first few weeks – she’s fascinated by babies and loves looking at these pictures. While turning the pages we came across this photo, which at the time I don’t remember being a particular favourite but now I’m so glad to have rediscovered it.

It was taken on April 17 2012, making Little Miss just under three weeks old and I can’t actually believe how serene we look! I think the lighting might help. If you look very closely there are tell-tale dark circles under my eyes and I’m actually in my old black jogging bottoms! But that doesn’t matter, for me it’s a picture that’s filled with such love and warmth.

Newborn Little Miss

Looking at this magical picture takes me back to those very early days with Little Miss, when evenings were spent on the sofa feeding and enjoying endless cuddles. We were only just getting to know her but even then little glimpses of her wonderful personality were already coming through. It was a priceless time and one I’ll happily remember over and over again.


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