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Word of the Week #19

The last few weeks have seen Little Miss starting to discover her confidence in the water and really start to enjoy herself at…

Word of the Week - swimming

We always meant to take her much more than we have but somehow never seemed to get round to it. Until a few weeks ago her only pool experience had been on holiday at Centre Parcs last June.

We did plan to go more often after that but on our first post-holiday expedition to a local pool last summer Little Miss decided to revisit her lunch in epic fashion during the car ride there. Obviously we didn’t think she’d be welcome that day, covered as she was in sick! And on a side note, carrot and corriander soup had been a very unfortunate meal choice – we’ve only recently been able to eat it again after that! Anyway, soup and sick aside, it ended up being another nine months before we attempted the pool again.

SwimmingOn her first trip a few weeks ago it took Little Miss quite a while to get into it. She couldn’t wait to put on her new swim suit and loved the Peppa Pig rubber ring we’d bought but once she got through the doors to the poolside it was all too strange. She hated walking on the changing room floor (takes after me there!) and cried for the first 20 minutes because she wanted to put her socks back on! But she did slowly come round and by the end of the session was beginning to enjoy it.

Since that trip she’s become far more adventurous at home in the bath. Up until then she’d always refused to lay down or put her face near the water. Now she can’t wait to lay on her front and pretend she’s swimming. It’s so cute to see.

And today she had a second trip to the proper swimming pool and couldn’t wait to get in and ‘make Daddy all wet’ splashing. There were no tears at all this time. At one point she even jumped it! At the moment her favourite thing is sitting on the side kicking her legs in the water. It’s been lovely to see her starting to enjoy herself and we definitely won’t leave it another nine months before we go back again this time.

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week.

My previous words include:

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