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Toddler says no!

Word of the Week #14

I’m told it happens to all parents but one of our toddler’s most uttered words at the moment is that dreaded two-letter one, usually accompanied by a whining tone. It’s…

Word of the Week - No

It seems our little girl increasingly knows her own mind and what she does and doesn’t want to do, and she now has absolutely no qualms about letting Mummy and Daddy know when something is not to her liking.

Sometimes there is logic to her negativity. When I say ‘aren’t you going to eat your cabbage?’ and the answer is ‘no’, it’s not really a massive surprise. I’m not a huge fan either but I can put on an Oscar-worthy performance of enjoying the much-maligned veg to try and encourage her to give it a go! Clearly my acting skills aren’t as convincing as I thought yet, somewhat irritatingly, her nursery has managed to come up with a vastly superior, magical cabbage recipe as apparently she willingly ate it there last week – grrrr!

Then there’s the illogical. She wants a biscuit. We offer her said biscuit. “NO!” She doesn’t want that one. But she’s quite willing to eat the next one in the packet. The same, identical biscuit!??? I’m not sure whether this was purely an act of toddler madness or a more cunning ploy on her part as we left the rejected biscuit laying on the side and  found her happily eating it about 20 minutes later!

Toddler says no!

The other phrase she’s recently adopted, that really takes the biscuit (no pun intended given the last paragraph!), is “Mummy go away!” This is most often heard when Mummy has been woken by shouting and hauled herself out of bed, with not a hope of a lay-in, to go and get the ungrateful little darling out of her cot for breakfast! And the toddler has decided that only Daddy will do that day. But Daddy is in the shower/in the loo/pretending to still be asleep!

Although I know it’s normal for toddlers go through this stage of negativity as they start to assert their independence, it has got me thinking about how we can do more to positively encourage her (probably a whole new blog post!). I’m increasingly aware of how often we say ‘no’ to her and I’m trying to make more effort to explain things differently when she does something we’d rather she didn’t. I say trying because can be it is so hard at times!

So Little Miss has been two for all of a week and is certainly testing the boundaries more now. Wish us luck!

This post is part of the Word of the Week linky run by fellow blogger Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence. The idea is very simple, every week you come up with one word to sum up your week.

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