Working mum woes…

Today, juggling motherhood with work has felt difficult. Balancing my priorities and responsibilities has felt almost impossible and I’m left with the feeling that I haven’t been able to perform either of my roles as well as I’d have liked. I’ve felt tired, guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed.

Poor Little Mister isn’t very well. He’s been fighting a temperature and is so miserable. My usually happy, busy little boy has been floored by a nasty virus. Really, I should have been at home with him.

Working Mum WoesThe problem is that working part-time, Monday to Wednesday, means that missing today would have made my short working week even shorter. With some big deadlines looming and the two recent Bank Holidays having already curtailed my hours, staying at home didn’t feel like an option.

Having only recently returned from maternity leave, I do feel under pressure to prove myself again. My work is important to me and, of course, I want others to value what I’m doing. After almost a year out of the office, I want to show that I can still have an impact and am good at what I do. I want to feel good at what I do again.

But my brain just wasn’t feeling it today. After a broken night responding to the little man’s distressed cries, my thoughts were sluggish. My creative juices just wouldn’t flow and any flourish that I might have had in the past felt totally diminished.

I’d arrived late, thanks in the main to an unhelpful fit of willfulness from my toddler. The persistent rain and traffic that seemed to be conspiring against me didn’t help matters either. And Little Mister was never far from my thoughts, even though he was safely at home being looked after perfectly well by Daddy who was in a better position than me to take the work hit.

I know we probably did the right thing today. That I at least was able to get something, rather than nothing, done and be present among my colleagues. But my inner critic keeps telling me that if I’m going to spend a day away from my sick child then I really should have made it count. I should have been firing on all cylinders, producing dazzling copy. I can’t help but feel like I’ve failed all round.

I know I’m being over dramatic and that I’ve heaped this pressure on myself – why do we do that? I know that my colleagues probably didn’t notice that I was struggling to be productive and that I still have time to ‘pull it out of the bag’ before next week. I know today could have been so much worse on so many levels. That I should, and do, feel grateful for all the good things.

As can be said about so many things in parenthood, I know this will pass. It will all be ok. Tomorrow is another day.

Has anyone else been struggling with the juggle this week? Do let me know any tips

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12 thoughts on “Working mum woes…

  1. I am sure once you get back into things it will be less stressful. I am wanting to start a family but worried how it will affect work, I guess we can only do our best.

    • Thank you and you’re so right. I know in a few weeks time I’ll be fully back in the swing of things.

      This is my second return and it all worked out fine last time – in fact I ended up being offered a better role that I’d had my eye on for years so clearly my boss has faith in me even if I don’t always in myself.

      It’s just hard at the start, especially when the little one first starts nursery and picks up all the new germs going around. Their immune systems do soon toughen up though.

      Very best of luck with your family plans. Work, in my experience, usually sorts itself out in the end. And family does make everything worthwhile. Thank you so much for reading.

  2. moderatemum

    Oh my goodness, I feel you. I work one day a week. Many weeks that’s amazing and I feel very lucky but one bad night or stomach flu can wipe out my whole working week like that!

    • It’s tough isn’t it? I too feel lucky to be in the job I am where I can, on the whole balance family and work. But weeks like this just tip that delicate balance.

      Poor little man has hand, foot and mouth virus, which is a new one for this house. His mouth is so sore, I really feel for him.

  3. It’s so hard isn’t it? I think it’s important to remember when one of our household is ill, especially our partner who’s are helpmate or a littlie, it sets us back. It is difficult, try and remember it’s a season when you feel like you’re drowning. I really hope next week is much better for you all xxx #sharewithme

  4. You are not being over dramatic. I am working as a freelancer and sometimes I have to finish some deadlines and my son is jere asking me to play with him and I cant. Part of me wants to finish the job fast so that I can play with him and a big part of me is guilty that I seem to be only half present. Juggling motherhood and some other things is hard but we have to make it work to the best that we can. #sharewithme

  5. I think we all feel like this in various ways too. I work full time from home and the kids running around me is tough but I am grateful I get to see them and be with them but also feeling guilty that I am having to work in front of them too and ignore them at times and feeling like I am not getting anything done 100% either as I am having two toddlers screaming and jumping all over me all day too. It’s definitely a catch 22 no matter which we we have it I think working away or at home there is mom guilt. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  6. I use to feel like this every time my daughter was ill and i went to work and the days that i rang in sick to work when she was unwell i felt bad too. I think us mums always feel under pressure no matter what we do as it is such a constant juggling act at times. x #sharewithme

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